In 2012, Laís Demarchi founded Verachi, a designer
jewelry studio that stands out for its artisanal approach and attention to sustainable practices.

All our pieces of jewelry are carefully designed using watercolors, and they are molded manually by our goldsmith. Our artisanal approach allows us to constantly seek the best ways to adorn your body.

“When we understand that we are all interconnected, being sustainable becomes an intrinsic and
natural move. It is a way of existing while respecting other forms of existence, for taking responsibility for the environment and people.” Laís Demarchi


As a watercolorist, Laís finds inspiration in birds. The shapes of Verachi jewelry are inspired by the fluid movement of feathers, as well as the flight movement. The organic and continuous shapes often seen in nature, such as the sinuous curves of a river, the bird's flight, and the mountains, inspire the shapes of Verachi's jewelry.

Verachi pieces display feminine, delicate, and
strong esthetics, mixing tradition and innovation. They bring with them the freshness of the novelty, combined with the consistency of tradition.


The concept of modular jewelry arose from the
desire to share with our customers the pleasure we feel when creating our own
jewelry, coupled with a concern to optimize the precious metals.

When we conceive each piece of jewelry, we expect it to work both individually and through a
modular system of fitting patterns, to enable the creation of new pieces. And their usage
possibilities are endless.

Through a playful game of transformation, we increase
consumer awareness. Using beauty and lightness, we encourage the reflection on
who we are and how we express ourselves through accessories.


Laís has a degree in Fashion Design from FASM
(Brazil) and has specialized in colored gemstones at Perseo School (Italy).
Furthermore, she is a goldsmith trained by The Brazilian Gems and Jewelry Trade
Association (IBGM). Her passion for social and environmental responsibility can be seen in Verachi's practices, such as the use of 100% recycled gold and the use of Brazilian gemstones from mining companies well-known for their responsible practices. She is focused on supporting social projects turned to women and children, such as initiatives by social leader Rita Teixeira from Pará state.

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