We believe that the experience of unwrapping a gift should be as special as the gift itself. At the same time, we are against waste generation. Bearing that in mind, we decided to create packaging that could be part of the gift.

Throughout the entire process, from creation to production, we took over a year to improve every detail of our packaging.

And the result couldn't be better. Today, we have a stylish, handcrafted packaging that praises our country and carries our DNA.


• Cruzeiro Mine tourmalines.

• Cruzeiro Mine rubellites.

• Seven fine Gems aquamarines.

•Seven Fine Gems morganites.

• Belmont Emeralds gems.


Verachi has been using recycled gold since 2012
and recycled diamonds since 2022.

In Brazil, we do not have fairly mined gold or responsibly sourced diamonds. Verachi is a member of the responsible Mining Council, a group formed by the Brazilian Gems and Jewelry Trade Association (IBGM), the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), and other jewelers, which seeks to advance this matter. Until we find solutions, we have adopted upcycling as a
temporary alternative to using gold and diamonds from illegal mining.


The jewelry designed in our studio comes to life through drawings and watercolors. Our pieces are shaped by the skilled hands of our goldsmith. Our artisanal production allows us to constantly seek perfect ergonomics, finding the best ways to adorn our bodies. We use recycled gold and responsibly sourced gemstones. We are committed to socio-environmental and social responsibility.


In today's world, dominated by technology and mass
production, it is essential to preserve the exceptional expertise passed down from generation to generation. This unique knowledge, which involves human
skills and special manual skills, is at risk of extinction unless it receives the necessary attention. To reach an exquisite level of manual work, it takes much time and trial and error. It is a process that demands patience and

However, without encouragement and support from consumers, these unique human resources can be lost. That  often happens because machine-made products are cheaper and more accessible. To tackle that, we have launched the “Verachi Mãos” project, an initiative aimed at supporting and valuing special crafts. Verachi allows itself to navigate new platforms, collaborating with talented artisans.

This project carries the brand's ideals: the appreciation of craftsmanship, the support for small artisans, and the celebration of the feminine inspired by nature’s shapes and textures. By supporting initiatives like Verachi Mãos, we go beyond our responsibility to preserve traditions. We are acknowledging the true luxury of honoring our roots and valuing the knowledge passed down over the centuries.

It is an investment not only in the present but also in the future, ensuring that these skills continue to be passed on and improved for generations to come. The quality of the materials and the excellence of savoir-faire perpetuated by the artists promote the durability of their creations, whose main trait is their timeless elegance.

Committed to humanist and artisanal values, the project promotes responsible activities - both in production and development – based on a permanent demand for quality, as evidenced by its cultural, social, and environmental commitments.



Verachi acquired the land and funded the construction of the space aimed at academic support in Vila da Telha, a fishing community with 65 households located six miles from the city of Primavera in the state of Pará.

A Project designed by Rita Teixeira, who, for 27 years has coordinated women’s agroecological entrepreneurship projects and fought for early childhood rights.

- Construction of the physical space, with 2 classrooms,
1 playroom, 1 kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.  

- It serves 50 children, aged 4 to 12 years old, from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and  2:00 pm to 5:00 pm,and offers academic support activities as educational complement to formal school learning.



We donated an Alçar brooch, a very symbolic and
warm piece, to the charity auction of the Brazil Foundation, an American organization that for 23 years has supported more than 850 social projects throughout Brazil, impacting the lives of over 260,000 people. The Alçar is made with recycled 18k white gold, and its star is a 5.56ct responsibly mined aquamarine from our partner Cruzeiro Mine, who has kindly contributed to this donation.


Verachi supports social projects that foster women’s leadership and entrepreneurship and the appreciation of their craftsmanship and ancestry. The brand made a donation to the Northeast Pará State Women's Movement (MMNEPA), an organization based in Capanema (Pará ) run by Rita Teixeira, an award-winning social entrepreneur, who has been working
for 20 years on behalf of women’s emancipation through agroecological entrepreneurship.

MMNEPA works hard to fight violence against women. In 2021, Verachi made two donations to the NGO, totaling BRL 40,000.00.


Celebration of Children's Day for 400 children in
the Jardim Panorama neighborhood, in October 2022.

Verachi held a Christmas party for 200 children from the Morro da Lua neighborhood (São Paulo), offering toys, food, theater, and entertainment using part of the jewelry store's annual profit. That initiative was carried out on December 14, 2019.


Verachi created the “Encontros” necklace to aid socially vulnerable women, a situation that was hardened by the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole profit from the necklace sales was spent on the purchase of 120 food staples, which were delivered on October 3, 2020, to women from the Jardim Panorama neighborhood (São Paulo).


SOS Amazônia x VERACHI - All along 2017, Verachi
donated 15% of the sales of its jewelry collections to the SOS Amazônia NGO.

The amount promoted the preservation of nesting sites for the tracajás, the Amazonian, yellow-spotted river turtles under risk of extinction, which are preserved by the nearby riverside families. That initiative started on November 30, 2016.

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