In 2012, Laís Demarchi founded Verachi, a designer
jewelry studio that stands out for its artisanal approach and attention to
sustainable practices.

All our pieces of jewelry are carefully designed
using watercolors, and they are molded manually by our goldsmith. Our artisanal
approach allows us to constantly seek the best ways to adorn your body.

“When we understand
that we are all interconnected, being sustainable becomes an intrinsic and
natural move. It is a way of existing while respecting other forms of
existence, for taking responsibility for the environment and people.” Laís

About us.

Our Esthetics

Modular Jewelry and the Susteinability of the Object

Laís Demarchi

Alçar Ring 18k - VOO

R$ 5.500,00

Alçar Ring 18k - VOO

Alvorada Levitar Earring 18k Rubelita and TC - AL (Single)
Feather Earring 18k - VOO (Single)
Float Clasp Pií 18k - AL

Our Jewelry

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+55 11 3442 4276

Av. Queiroz Filho, 1700 - Torre E sl 1011, Vl Leopoldina, São Paulo SP, 05319-000

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